South Dakota is divided into four distinct areas. If you visit the northeast section of our state, you’ll find a landscape dotted with beautiful little lakes created eons ago when ice sheets withdrew from the area.

Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South DakotaBlack Hills, Badlands and LakesBlack Hills & Badlands

The rugged Badlands and Black Hills in Western South Dakota stand in stark contrast to the farmland to the east. In fact, the landscape here hasn’t changed much since the Lakota Sioux hunted bison here centuries ago.  The Black Hills is the home of Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

Glacial Lakes and PrairiesGlacial Lakes & Prairies

Pristine glacial lakes, leafy forests and lush river valleys mark the eastern third of South Dakota. Settled in the 1860s, this is the most populated part of the state. Yet with a population less than some metropolitan suburbs, Eastern South Dakota has plenty of open space.

Pierre, South Dakota - State CapitolGreat Lakes of South DakotaSouth Dakota Missouri River Tourism

Through the heart of South Dakota runs the Missouri River, the longest river in the U.S. Wild and unpredictable when Lewis & Clark explored it, the Mighty Mo’ has since been tamed by a series of dams. The largest, Lake Oahe, spans over 460,000 acres of land and water and provides the region with 2,250 miles of shoreline.

South EastSouth East South Dakota

Our corner of the great state of South Dakota offers many choices for planning your next vacation or road trip!  Beautiful lakes and rivers offer great outdoor adventure in fishing, boating, or swimming. Simply connect with nature and enjoy a shady campsite or hike one of our trails.